Clerk vacancy

Lawford Parish Council seeks to recruit a part-time Clerk / Responsible Financial Officer / Asset Manager (CILCA-qualified preferred).

Hours and Salary

  • Approximately 24 hours per week including fixed daytime attendance at office and plus attendance of 2 evening meetings per month.
  • Allowance of 4 weeks’ paid holiday per year.
  • Salary in accordance with the recommendation of the Society of Local Council Clerks, L.G. Scale 2 SCP range 26 to 29, plus approved mileage allowance.
  • No overtime payments are available.


  • The person appointed must be computer literate.
  • Car essential for some duties.

Clerk and RFO’s Overall Responsibilities

  • To act as the Proper Officer to the Council and carry out all the functions and, in particular, to serve or issue all the notifications required by law of a Local Authority’s Proper Officer.
  • Be responsible for ensuring the instructions of the Council in connection with its function as a Local Authority are carried out.
  • Be expected to advise the Council on, and assist in, the formation of overall policies to be followed in respect of the Local Authority’s activities and, in particular, to produce all the information required for effective decisions and to implement constructively all decisions.
  • Accountable to the Council for the effective management of all its resources and will report to it as and when required.
  • Be responsible for all the financial records of the Council and the careful administration of its finances.

For a detailed job description and application – see contacts below. Please send your CV and a letter explaining your suitability to both the Parish Council’s Chairman Cllr Val Guglielmi 07930 583642 and the current Clerk 07934 140523.

Closing date for applications is 30 November 2021.

Download job desciption and application form (Word doc)


Do you have an interest in your local community? Are there things you think could or should be done to improve life in our village? Are you passionate enough to want to make a difference?

We are looking for people to join us at Lawford Parish Council. We are not politically driven, we are here to support the local community not a political party. 

Interested? Please come along to our next council meeting (see events) at Ogilvie Hall and see what we do and decide if you can help.

What do we do?

A parish councillor is someone your community will look to for help, guidance and support; a community leader with the power to influence decisions for the benefit of the people you serve. Seeing your community change for the better, as a result of decisions you have helped make, can give you a sense of pride and achievement .

Parish councils make decisions on issues that affect the local community including planning matters, crime prevention and striving for better services and facilities. As a parish council gives the best reflection of a community's opinion its views are taken seriously by the decision makers.